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For Immediate Release: October 13, 2022
Contacts: Office of the Governor: Christian Martinez,

First Lady and Barboursville Vineyards Unveil Limited-Edition Cornus Virginicus Blend

~ The First Lady toasts the first-of-its-kind collaboration with Virginia agriculture on inaugural wine blend Cornus Virginicus ~

BARBOURSVILLE, VA – First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin on Wednesday unveiled the limited release of the inaugural Cornus Virginicus, a wine collaboration between Barboursville Vineyards and the First Lady of Virginia. The wine is a tribute to Virginia’s agribusiness, burgeoning wine scene and winemakers.

“This project is a collaboration between the Virginia Wine Board, the Agriculture and Forestry Secretariat and the impressive Luca Paschina and the Barboursville Vineyards family. Glenn and I are so proud of Virginia’s fine wine industry,” said the First Lady Suzanne S. Youngkin. “What better time than Wine Month to toast Virginia’s finest.” 

“Virginia agriculture and in particular Virginia’s wine industry is vibrant and boasts spectacular talent. The Cornus Virginicus wine project is emblematic of this. We look forward to making more volumes in the coming years,” said Virginia Secretary of Agriculture Matthew Lohr. 

The wine blend was created by Barboursville Vineyards Winemaker Luca Paschina with a blend of 57% Merlot, 28.5% Cabernet Franc and 14.5% Petit Verdot. Cornus Virginicus is Volume I of four volumes that will be created by a Virginia vineyard in collaboration with the First Lady of Virginia. The First Lady will create a second volume in the fall of 2023. 

Cornus Virginicus was released to the public in October in conjunction with the 34th annual Virginia Wine Month. The wine’s name is Latin for “flowering tree of Virginia,” paying tribute to the Commonwealth’s official state flower and tree, the Dogwood. The First Lady chose the Dogwood for her official seal as well as the emblem of this project. The Dogwood symbolizes Virginia’s tradition, strength and beauty and represents renewal, tradition, family and growth. 

The wine is a testament to the Governor and First Lady’s ardent support of Virginia's vineyards and winemakers. At Richmond’s Executive Mansion, the Governor and First Lady exclusively serve Virginia wine while entertaining. 

Limited quantities of Cornus Virginicus are available for sale through Barboursville Vineyards and Virginia ABC. Proceeds from this year’s release will benefit Virginia FFA and Virginia 4-H Foundations through a donation from Barboursville Vineyards.

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First Lady was joined by Secretary of Agriculture Matthew Lohr

Barboursville Vineyards Winemaker Luca Paschina greets the First Lady at the Cornus Virginicus unveiling.

First Lady was joined by Secretary of Agriculture Matthew Lohr

The First Lady was joined by Secretary of Agriculture Matthew Lohr, Barboursville Vineyards Winemaker Luca Paschina, Virginia ABC CEO Travis Hill, Chief Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Parker Slaybaugh, fine art designer Natalie O'Dell and Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office Director Annette Boyd at the Cornus Virginicus unveiling.

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